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I can recover a deleted application?
Laudi -

Yes, but ONLY if you are lucky.

If you look on your application server, in C:\Program Files\OutSystems\Platform Server\ you can do a search for *.oml. Very often, old eSpaces will leave the OMLs here, even after they have been deleted. This has saved me once or twice in the past. :D

Good luck!

Laudi wrote:
I can recover a deleted application?
If you're feeling bold, you can try to undelete the eSpaces from the platform metamodel, since when you delete an eSpace in SS or SC, those entries are marked as inactive in the DB (soft delete). Tables ossys_espace and ossys_entity have an Is_Active flag that can be manually set.

Note that this is an unsupported scenario (thus there's no documentation, as I'm aware), so you may end up messing up the datamodel or even inactivating your license, so a DB backup is recommended. But you may get the eSpace to appear again in SC, so you can download it. And if SC starts complaining about the license, you may have to clone the eSpace, delete again the old version and configure a new application (at least you'll have the oml).

In other words, if Justin's suggestion works, stick with that!