How to Use different icons in JQuery

How to Use different icons in JQuery

This may be a very basic question for others, but I'll ask anyway. How can I use the icons or sprites in buttons to add them?

Not sure what you're really asking... the most straightforward way of creating an icon is simply right-clicking an image widget and selecting 'Link To'.

If you're wondering about adding background images (including sprites) to buttons, then keep reading.

For some context on sprites, take a look here:
For generating your sprite, simply use your favourite image editor or try one online tool like SpriteMe or Sprite Generator.

See attached one sample eSpace using distinct images and sprites as the background for buttons.

Note the styles applied to each button:

See the CSS in the HomePage screen:

Let me know if this helps.
Exactly what I was looking for! Thank you very very much for this, Paulo!

One question. Why did you repeat the property "background-repeat" in the first selector under the sprites category?
Hi Ju-Chan,
You're right, it's in multiple selectors, so I guess it will work if you define it just once.
I believe it will. I just wondered if you really did that on purpose. :) Thanks again Paulo! :D