How to Achieve Boxed Center Layout

How to Achieve Boxed Center Layout

I have a question and need also help. I would like to achieve this kind of layout in a webscreen.

I've tried using the Layout_Popup, and well, I can't achieve the same effect. Well, I know popups can achieve this but I would love to achieve this in an ordinary webscreen. The yellow shaded area shall be located at the center of the browser.


Perhaps you can enclose that yellow-shaded area in a 'container' and align the 'Container' to 'Center'.

Let me know if it works.

Nikhil Shravage.
Hello Ju-chan,
If I understood, your doubt question is more related to css rather than the Servicestudio itself.
See if this example helps you:
After this you just have to do this inside servicestudio ;)

Vasco Pessanha
PS: Using the grid feature will probably help you creating these layouts!
I apologize if this was not all about Service Stuido, but hey, thanks for all your help guys.

I managed to achieve that layout inside a Web Block instead of a Web screen with a Layout_Popup. I modified Sir Vasco Pessanha's CSS stylesheet. A little customization will make it nice. Currently, I am  now using version 7 of Service Studio, so I cannot use the Grids.

Again, thanks everyone.

Don't apologize, html and css questions are also more than welcome!
Glad we could help!

Vasco Pessanha