null-ConnectionFactory error when starting service.

We are running outsystems with weblogic. Suddenly, the outsystems server was not responding anymore. We looked at the services and restarted them, even restarted the server itself, but without success.

The error which was returned is:

ERROR [ServerLog - Main Thread] Error on Message Queue setup: GeneralLogQueue
Exception: javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'null-ConnectionFactory'. Resolved '' [Root exception is javax.naming.NameNotFoundException: Unable to resolve 'null-ConnectionFactory'. Resolved '']; remaining name 'null-ConnectionFactory'
ERROR [ServerLog - Main Thread] Error sending log: javax.jms.IllegalStateException: Unable to create QueueSession because connection not initialized

Finally, I found out the  javax.naming.NameNotFoundException was used in the RMI service. So I killed the two rmi-processes ( and the java-rmi-process) and I started After that everything workes fine.

Does anyone knows why the rmi-service didn't find the correct ConnectionFactory?  
Hi Hans,

The reason why the RMI-service didn't find the correct ConnectionFactory, is related to the 'null-ConnectionFactory' part in the error message. Instead of looking for something called 'null-ConnectionFactory', it should have been looking for something called 'WeblogicManagedServerName-ConnectionFactory', which is the unique way the OutSystems Platform identifies the message queues used for logging in WebLogic.

Now the real question is why was it looking for 'null-ConnectionFactory' in the first place, since that 'null' was retrieved from the database as the name of the WebLogic Managed Server, since the right value, which is not null, is set during the execution of the Configuration Tool and is not changed afterwards.

Without further information, it is impossible to know the real reason behind this behaviour. If the problem happens again, I kindly ask you to provide detailed logs, so that we can try to understand what went wrong.

Best regards,
Ricardo Marques