Upload file  how to limit extensions

Upload file  how to limit extensions

Hi guys
How can I controle wath user can upload. I need to upload only files with extensions  such as pdf, doc, etc... 
And how to delet file ?
Hi Goran,

Are you using the upload widget or using the PopupUpload?
 If you are using the upload widget, on the action that you define to "send the file to the server" you can test the Type propertie of the widget (See more). 

If using the PopupUpload on the notify action you should use 'NotifyWidgetGetMessage' action to get the id that you pass to the 'Popup_Upload_GetFile' action. This action returns a record with the following attributes: Content(Binary), Filename(Text) and FileType(Text).

Hope that helps.
Hello Goran,

You can also take a look at this post: <upload file>. In that post it's more explaind about upload a file by using a webblock, but the idea keeps the same. It also has an nice explaining about how you can receive the filename extension. Think this is usefull for you.

Kind regards,
Thanks guys
You have helped me
now all works fine :)
I have one more question

One more or no more? (-:
Hello Goran,

Have you take a look at the acadamy page, paticulair this video: <Here>?
Everything will become clear after watching that video.

Kind regards,

Thank you so much there are no more questions :)

I have to upload my pdf dcoument from my system to amazon se.I have attahced my oml file for your reference.
Can anyone help me how to solve this.