[oAuth Connectors] This usable for other oauth 2 applications?

[oAuth Connectors] This usable for other oauth 2 applications?

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Published on 2014-04-01 by André Vieira
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Published on 2014-04-01 by André Vieira

I am seeing that it's specific for Google Authentication.
How easy is it to use it for other authetications (like Twitter, Facebook, soundcloud etc)


If they use oAuth it is possible to create a similar component for twitter, facebook, soundcloud, etc. It is a matter of investigating how these providers implement their oAuth.
This one is based on Google so it points out to google authentication end points and so on.


Added connectors to Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Should be understandable on how to extend to other services.

Based on this I renamed the component....
awesomesauce :)
I've seen you already have the Asana oAuth connector in the demo, but not in the component. Can you post that one? 
And make the source document for the PDF available as well so that we can collaborate on the examples? ;)
Sure thing Gnoçalo,

I'll update the component this weekend and upload the document in editable format.
seems, all my posting will conatin the following sentence:

java version please :D

I'll think of adding support to the Java stack :)

Well, at the moment I have succesfully integrated facebook/twitter with the following jars: twitter4j and facebook4j.


I don't have a public available java environment to test it but in attach there's the HMAC extension with Java implementation (hopefully working :)).

If you can test it please give me feedback and I'll upload this version to the Forge.