OutSystems Platform Community Edition - How to start troubleshooting?

OutSystems Platform Community Edition - How to start troubleshooting?

So you had a problem installing the OutSystems Platform Community Edition, what now?

How do I search for help?

What exactly am I looking for?


Well, let’s see if we can tackle this...

What info can I use to troubleshoot my problem?

The OutSystems Platform Community installer stores a lot of information regarding all the steps taken during the installation process, so when an error occurs we don't feel dead in the water.


First we need to find the logs. Installer logs are stored in

%SYSTEMDRIVE%\Program Files\OutSystems\Installer\Logs

Whoa? So many files? What I am looking for here?!

Log Files

Always start with the "OutSystemsInstall.log", this is the main log of the installation process and here you can find all the steps taken by the installer.

We should be looking for key words like “Error” or “Abort” or even for full error stacks.

Wanna go the quick way?

Scroll all the way down (let’s see the final steps taken), and then slowly go up until you find the last "Notify Action"; at the end of this line you have the detail code of the error.

But if you continue to scroll up you will probably find an error stack and the step where the error occurred.

OK... I have an error message. What next?

Based on this information we can now know where to go next:


Common Error Codes



Cool, now I know where to find my error! But I still have the problem...

The links I put above are just some of the most common errors. If you browse the other topics in this forum you will find a bunch of other causes. You can try the Community Edition Troubleshoot post for some of them.

If you find a post that resembles your problem but the solution there does not fix it, just reply to it. If none of the existing topics are related to your problem, just open a new one. The Community (including me!) is here to help you!