How to use ECT?

How to use ECT?

Is there any example/tutorial/docs of how to use the ECT feature?
I have no idea of how to use it.

Hi João,

At the moment I don't believe such tutorials to exist. However this could be a good opportunity to create one. Is there a specific aspect you're having trouble with or is it just getting ECT to work in general?

Hi Miguel,

I just need to know of how to make it work in general. I don't know where/how to start.

Ok João,

Starting should be as easy as:
  • Publishing ECT (it's part of System Components, so you should already have it)
  • Accessing http://<your server>/ECT_Provider/
  • Clicking the button that says Enable ECT.
  • You'll then be able to customize the eSpaces where ECT will be visible and the users it'll be visible for... you can easily skip this by enabling everywhere for everyone (you can always change this later)
Afterwards the ECT circle should be visible by accessing your applications.
In order to view the collected feedback, you can access ECT_Provider again and check the Feedback section.

This should be sufficient to get you started, but tell us if you have any trouble!