User Registration Page

Hi there everyone, i m curret using Service Studio 8.0, as i proceedend to learn from those video tutorials at academy, i could manage to understand how can i creat a user-registration page, the login page i did actualy works, the register page is my problem, my curret objective is that once we fill the input camps the data there present should be stored at a microsoft office excell page. that part i dont know how to do and i have been searching :/  if someone could help that d´be great 

thanks for ur time.
Hi Drako,

You must have a screen action associated to a button.
In that action you can use 'Record List to Excel' the problem here is that you just have one record and not a list.
What I probably would do, is save that record to an entity, and define an action that make the export of the entity.

Hope it helps
Surely helped, however i went back to Academy videos more exactly at start of module 3.0 i began to search it all and just found the solution, i m feelin like a retard since the answer was in front of my nose x)

However thanks for replyin :) 

See ya