Web based Multi tenancy application Examples

Web based Multi tenancy application Examples

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I am working on Multi tenancy web application, I am finding some Examples of web based Multi tenancy application.

If you know which website, or project relating about this problem, please let me know.

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Take a look below:

How to Build a Multi-tenant Application (technical document):

Related resources (sample):

Thank you so much for your information. I have another question relating to Multi Tenancy web application.

I want to build Multi Tenancy web application for Hadoop Distributed File System
I have some concern
1. How end user put data into HDFS?
2. How to make HFDS supports Multi tenancy?

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Hadoop looks pretty straigh forward (https://hadoop.apache.org/docs/r0.18.0/hdfs_design.pdf)
So to me you need to create a layer between your tenant and the HDFS.
Register which tenant stores which file in HFDS, that's all I think or do you want more functionality ?