TIP: How to connect to a postgresql database and keep your data models sync?

  1. Create and publish a "PostgresqlConnector" extension via Outsystems Integration Studio
  2. Design your Postgresql database models either by hand or by using a data modelling tool (Sybase Powerdesigner, ER/Studio, ERWin, Navicat etc)
  3. Using your favourite data modeller, copy your Postgresql data models from your Postgresql server to your Oracle database server.
  4. Setup the Oracle connection in ServiceCenter.
  5. Open Outsystems Integration Studio, select the database connection you've created in step 4, and import the data model you've created in step 3; publish the data model extension!
  6. Use the entities published in Outsystems Service Studio to get the data model structure, use the entity with the actions you've created in PostgresqlConnector extension in step 5.



How to keep your data models synchronized?
If you changed your postgresql data model(s), drop all previous tables you've created in your oracle server and repeat step 3 and step 5.