is there a restriction on how many fields I can put into the screen.?

Hi, by default is there a restriction on how many fields I can put into the screen. what I'm doing is that I'm getting data via rest webservice,, then convert then to json ,defining the fields using structure then convert to recordlist, I tried using the recordlist to excel component and using that I was able to get all the fields  however when I drag the defining structure to a table records I only get some of the fields usually the first 4 text fields

hope someone can point what i'm doing wrong if there is any and a way to solve it

Hi Jet,

There are no limits, but you will have some difficulty fitting many on the screen.
As for the "limit of 4", the intelliwarp by default only adds the first atributes when you drag the structure/entity to the screen. But you can drag extra attributes you need to the table after that manually.

In previous versions the initial default was 10+. And pages became too cluttered by default. So now in 8.0 the default was lowered to promote cleaner pages.

João Rosado
Hi Joao and the rest of the Outsystems support team,
 Thanks for the tip I was able to get the data out so I guess next is how we could to edit the page to make it cleaner but that is another question ortopic (we'll explore outsystems first on how to go about this).