Refresh Item Inside Placeholder

Refresh Item Inside Placeholder


I have a Layout widget with a link that opens a pop-up. what i wanted was to refresh a table of records inside a placeholder. How can i accomplish this? Using version 6.0 but possibly migrating to 8.0 soon.

Thx in advance.
Hi Marcelo,

Let me know if I got it right:
You have a link with a Popup_Editor widget in the layout webblock, you have a placeholder that has a table record, and you want to refresh that table record when you edit some record in the pop up?

You can use a Popup_Editor_Notify in the popup' save action to notify the parent (Layout webblock). Then, in the parent, set the Popup_Editor widget 's OnNotify action to refresh the placeholder.

Hi Marcelo,

You can check the Edit a Record in a Pop-Up video at the Academy. It contains exactly your scenario of editing information in a pop-up and notifying the parent of the pop-up to perform some changes.
Here is an example of what i'm trying to accomplish. In the pop-up i change 1 register (the pop up is a edit screen to save 1 register of the table). And what I wanted was to refresh the table when the pop-up close. Even with the Main Content Refresh this isn't happen.

Any other ideias?

Thanks in advance.
Hi Marcelo,

You can do a workaround using an input in the layout, passing a link identifier. This way you can have different actions, according to the page you are.
Tell me if this is the behavior you pretend (See the oml attached).

Kind Regards,