Hi Guys

I need help here.

I am new to this platform. I have developed a sample system so I want to
 register trial aacount so I can deploy the oml file to the cloud.


If you are new to the OutSystems Platform, you should check out the videos at the Academy.
There is one video that explains how to install the OutSystems Platform, and it also discusses the different versions.

Basically the OutSystems Platform trial runs on the cloud. You get 15 days of free hosting, and everything is already set up for you.
Now, if you want to continue developing in the cloud, you'll need to provision your own servers, so let me explain a bit the OutSystems Platform components, so that you understand what kind of hosting do you need to run your infrastructure on the cloud.

Basically the OutSystems Platform has several components:
  • Platform Server (A set of services running, an application to configure the services, an application server and a database server). There are two flavors to this:.NET or Java. The .NET version of the Platform Server can be used either with an SQL Server or Oracle DBMS. The Java version runs only with Oracle DBMS.
  • Development Tools where you design, code and deploy your applications. These tools run on Windows only.
  • Consoles where you can manage your applications, environments and infrastructure. These run on a web browser, so they are operating system agnostic.
So you'll only need to host the Platform Server on the cloud, and use the development tools from your local machine.

There is also this great post about hosting your Community Edition

And here is a list of resources you may find useful: