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Forge Component
Published on 2013-09-18 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes
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Published on 2013-09-18 by Miguel "Kelter" Antunes
Hi There!

I tried this on my project. but it doesn't seem to capture checkboxes. I was wondering why. How can i capture objects?
Hi there Lennard!

thank you for pointing that out! Officialy (from the author of the original project) there is no support.
But I've compiled a new version of it, that includes support for checkboxes and radios with code gathered from pull requests on github.

Please download Version 0.4.1r (latest by the time I'm writing this) and you'll have what you need!
It isn't the prettiest thing, but it is working well enough for your needs.

Hi Sir Miguel,

Everything is working well and thank you for that. but i am just wondering if i could specify the download location for this? Honestly im not really good with javascript, so what you did surely helped me a lot. it helped me grasped the concept but I'm still not that good to tinker with it. I tried tinkering with it and still no avail. i can't specify the download location. 

Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. Thank you sir!:)