how do I page thru a list ... 

how do I page thru a list ... 

there is no entity record the table record list is set to an input parameter of type list... the input list is a structure not an entity

how do I page thus this as .. the generic paging weblock wants an entity??
Hi Darrell,

I'm a bit confused with your description. Let me see if I got it straight.

You have a Table Records bound to an input parameter of type record list and the record definition is a structure. First of all It is not very good to have an input parameter that is a record list. You should use the preparation of that screen to build the list.
Now to page the list you can still use the list_navigation widget of RichWidgets as you'll see on this video.
Just remember that on your case you don't have a query that fetches just the necessary amount of records from the database, you already have the full list you just don't want to show it on the screen, so you'll bascially have to set everything the same as if it was a query just replace the query.count with the length of your in-memory list.

I hope this helps you out.