Email Setting / Environment Config

Hi All, Im hosting a community edition instance at GoDaddy ( I need to set the email settings so that I can send outgoing emails from hotmail. I have the smtp settings but emails are still not being sent properly. Also I think my Environment Configuration may be off. I have the following:

Environment Name : Platform Server

Please let me know if that should be changed based on my setup. Thanks in advance!

Hi Julius,

I do not think that your envionment config will play a part in this. 

Check out below links and compare to your settings; (note the SMTP server name & port)

EDIT: May be worth your while trying to telnet out to the SMTP host to see if you can reach the SMTP server okay on the nomiated port from your virtual machine also (thinking firewall rules also...)
Hey thanks for the links. It didnt work. I had this issue a few years ago when hosting on Amazon. I eventually figured it out but dont remember what the fix was.
Problem was the firewall.