I am starting to use Outsystems and although it looks impressive and intuitive, there is always a learning curve coming from other development technologies.
What I am looking for is a general direction on where to look for help and documentation.

Of course, I have looked at most of the Academy Video's and will continue to do so when I need something that is covered by a video. I also am aware of the help available from within the Service Studio and (as you see) of the forum resources.

Let me give an example

At this moment I have a record list table object on a page. I wish to search on a user defined date and filter the data shown in the list on that date. So, I want to use the Input Calendar widget.
I can't seem to find anything about how to set this up exactly. Dragging the Input Calendar widget on the canvas right next to the input field gives me an Input_Calendar and I can see the properties of the web block widget that I can set. However, can't find how to "bind" this widget to the input field on the canvas or how to use it. If I try to find help from Service Studio Help, I am directed towards "About Web Blocks" (not towards: "How to use the Input Calendar Widget" or something like that) which only gives a general explanation.

So, hopefully a more experienced user can give me some generic directions on how to find the more detailed stuff, for instance in this case of the Input Calendar Widget ?

Thanks in advance for any help. 
Hi Marcel,

You must add a name for your textbox then tag it to your Input_Calendar by assigning the textbox name to the widget's InputWidgetId property.  

What I did when we started using outsystems is to go through the Outsystems tutorial, develop a small project, until I became a bit comfortable with it. I try to be bold in my development. There is nothing impossible especially when you have such cool guys in this community. Welcome aboard! :-)

Hope it helps,
Mark Chua
Thanks Mark. Your advice of course is spot-on. It is exactly what I am doing right now, creating a small getting-to-know project. However, where to find the tutorial you mentioned? Do you mean the video series in the Academy, or the Help File? I am not sure.... sorry....

Of course one needs to experiment. I get that, and am surely willing to put the time into it. However, things would be MUCH faster and more efficient if there was an adequate documentation complete with examples. I have the feeling I am simply missing it since there must be something like that? Is that your tutorial?
- academy will give you enough stuff to be able to work things out.
- as for demo, once you have intelliwarped some screens, most important richwidgets are used in those, so you can use those as examples.
- check out forge for custom widgets, implementations. most items will have a test/demo-page

Hi Marcel,

Yes the Academy's video series is a part of it, but the interactive tutorials I used when we were new seems to be gone in Version 8. Maybe you could install Outsystems v6 just to experience it. (or maybe someone knows how to view it in v8)


Mark Chua
Hi Statler s.s.t.t. :-)

I am sorry, but if I am correct the Academy content does not hold an example using the calendar input widget ?
Until now, I have not been able to find any detailed documentation on how to use this widget in combination with Service Studio. 

Nevertheless, using a lot of trial-and-error I have been able to work it out. That's the good news (for me).
The bad news however (again, for me) is that this requires a time effort (cost me 1 day!) I had not expected from something like an agile platform ? Why is there no consistent and methodical documentation linked to the places in the service studio you would expect it to be?
Loosing a day over finding out how stuff works does not seem very efficient? Or is this just the learning curve one needs to expect?

Remember: I am new here, it's very well possible it's there (the detailed documentation) but I simply fail to see it, or that there are other ways of finding the required information that I missed. That's why I placed this post in the first place: to learn from you guys where to find answers myself rather than place the questions here every time one pops up....

Although I am glad I got this to work now, I am less happy about the way I needed to go to get there, feeling that I should have done this in a much more efficient way. I'm simply looking for that way?

There are some free apps that you can access from Service Studio that you can try online, and if you will, you can download them and change them:

Hi Marc,

Ahhh... I now understand what you meant! Those info boxes are still there in v8, since I have seen them. I just don't know how to "request" them when you need it. It rather seems that they pop-up in a pre-orchestrated way?

Thanks for taking the effort to post the additional info and pic !
Hi Marcel,

No problem, I tried to reinstall version 6 and here is how it looks like. There will be an interactive tutorial that will guide you every step after choosing any tutorial you like.

Mark Chua