How to customize the theme for a company using London Theme Customize

Hi all,

I've just created a page to make it easier to customize themes. To check it out just:

  1. Go to (Platform version 8.0.1 and above)
    (if you are using an older version of the platform, use
  2. Enter the URL of a company website
  3. Download the logo and use it in your application
  4. Copy the generated css to your application theme.

Feedback on this is apreciated.

Tiago Simões

EDIT: Updated link to theme generator for version 8.0.1 and above

Just awesome Tiago!...
Pure awesomeness!
But.... I'm stun! This is magic happening!
Great job!

Can you give us some details on what's happening "behind the scenes"?
Thanks for all the feedback. Yes, this may look like Clarke's third law "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.", but to be honest the technology applied here it is more sufficient than advanced.
So here's what it's doing behind the scenes:
  1. Gets the page from the given URL
  2. Parses the HTML and CSS for images that have "logo" in their source or style
  3. Using a python utility, it extracts the major colors from that image and detects if one of those is the background color
  4. Generates a second lighter/darker color that contrasts with the selected color, depending on it's brightness
  5. It composes the CSS given all of the above
What I was looking for, when I asked for feedback, was for the problems.
I know about some:
  • It does not detect logos done with CSS sprites
  • It does not work correctly with white on transparent logos
What' I'm looking for is:
  • Pages where the logo is not detected, but could eventually be with an improved parsing algorithm
  • Pages where the colors do not look that great.
  • Other problems
Any feedback on the above would be appreciated.
Tiago Simões 
Awesome. :)))
Nice :-)
I wanted to experience the awesomeness, but.....This application is currently unavailable.
Please try again later or contact the system administrator :-(
Hi Gary,

It looks like there was a problem in the server but it is back online again.
Thanks for the warning.

Tiago Simões
I'm working on recreating an existing site so getting the logos and colors would be awesome!!  The URL format is (I can't say the exact URL) and the page always returns an error indicating that it's a bad URL.  I tried other generic URLs with a .gov extention (like and get the same error.

The exact error is - Invalid URI: The format of the URI could not be determined.

Seems it doesn't like our government?  Can you fix this Tiago?
Hi Curt,

Themegenerator (still) doesn't have political opinions.
Have you tried http:// before the url? If you wish you can send me a personal message with the URL so I can take a look.

Tiago Simões 

It does look like the app requires full domain names... I just tried and it worked like a champ.

That was it!!  Thanks!!
oh man.... just tried again and this time...

The page cannot be found

may be it's me..!?
Can you check it out again? It might have been a temporary issue.

Tiago Simões
There's a 503 error.
Hi Julius,

We had an intervention on our infrastructure on the weekend and this might be due to that. We'll take a look into it ASAP. In the meantime, if you are using the default london theme, you might want to use

Tiago Simões
Hi Julius,

The server should now be up.
Sorry for any inconvenience.

Tiago Simões