TDD and outsystems


I was wondering how you lot facilitate the TDD approach within your Outsystems-projects?

- do you even use it?
- if so how?
- if not, what/how you test your applications?

Hi! At my previous company we developed some parts of our OutSystems applications using TDD. It seemed to work best for "business service" components, for example calculation engines, that could be called via actions rather than being driven by the UI. It was a great way to do pair-working on a project - one build the test and see it fail, the other implement the simplest thing to make the test pass, back to the first person to add another failing test for the next piece of functionality, swap over after the coffee break. We liked it because it forced us to build things in a way that could be tested easily, plus we both got to share a deep understanding of the application. Maybe some people have more will-power than me, but I find it tempting to cut corners if I try to do TDD just on my own (but that's me, not TDD to blame!)

We were using the Unit Testing Framework from the Forge to help build and run our unit tests.

I'd be interested too in anyone else's experience - have you been able to apply TDD at the UI level, for example?