OutSystems gives a license error after server reboot

OutSystems gives a license error after server reboot

I have setup 3 new OutSystems environments on RHLE and they are all experiencing the same error after a reboot where the deployment controller is not properly starting allowing for the license to be recognized (per the error). 
The error that is received is the following:
Id: {removed}
Time of Log: 2013-09-24 13:39:40
eSpace: ServiceCenter
Tenant: ServiceCenter
User: admin (1)
Session Id: {removed}
Server: server_name
Message: Environment Fault: Unable to contact OutSystems Deployment Controller Service. Please make sure this service is running on 'server_name' to obtain licensing information.
Stack: outsystems.runtimecommon.HEMessageException: Environment Fault: Unable to contact OutSystems Deployment Controller Service. Please make sure this service is running on 'server_name' to obtain licensing information.   at outsystems.nosomlprocessor.CssOMLProcessor.$qkb(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.nosomlprocessor.CssOMLProcessor.$ccb(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.nosomlprocessor.CssOMLProcessor.mssActivationGetFeatureName(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.nosomlprocessor.actions.ActActivationGetFeatureName.mosActivationGetFeatureName(Unknown Source)
   at osservicecenter.referencesproxy.rssextensionomlprocessor.actions.ActActivationGetFeatureName.mosActivationGetFeatureName(Unknown Source)
   at osservicecenter.actions.ActActivationGetFeatureName.executeActivationGetFeatureName(Unknown Source)
   at osservicecenter.actions.ActActivation_SafeGetFeatureName.executeActivation_SafeGetFeatureName(Unknown Source)
   at osservicecenter.managedbean.flowcommon.WBlkServerInfo.preparation(Unknown Source)
   at osservicecenter.managedbean.flowcommon.WBlkServerInfo.pageLoad(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.hubedition.webwidgets.uicomponent.utils.ComponentUtils.invokeBeanPageLoad(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.hubedition.webwidgets.uicomponent.os_controls.WebBlockInstanceComponent.dataBind(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.hubedition.webwidgets.uicomponent.utils.ComponentUtils$DataBindComponentVisitor.onEnter(Unknown Source)
   at outsystems.hubedition.webwidgets....
eSpaceVer: 0 (Id=1, PubId=1, CompiledWith=
RequestUrl: http://server_name/ServiceCenter/Activation_Info.jsf (Method: GET)
ClassLoader: BaseClassLoader@43e1542f{vfsfile:/apps/jbossas/server/outsystems/deploy/ServiceCenter.war/}(1138840623)
FilePath: /ServiceCenter/Activation_Info.jsp
Locale: en-US
DateFormat: yyyy-MM-dd
PID: 1855 ('1855@server_name.company.com', Started='9/24/13 4:27:34 AM', Priv=560Mb, Virt=2349Mb)
TID: 101
Thread Name: http-
JRE: 20.45-b01
Here are the steps that I have performed to completely replicate the error on a single server system:
1. Reboot the computer: shutdown -r 1
2. After the system comes up wait for the OutSystems services to start: service outsystems status
RMI Registry Service - RUNNING
OutSystems Deployment Controller Service - RUNNING
OutSystems Deployment Service - RUNNING
OutSystems Log Service - RUNNING
OutSystems Scheduler Service - RUNNING
3. Log into the Service Console and see the licensing error
4. Restart the deployment controller service: service outsystems restart CONTROLLER
5. Log into the Service Console again and the licensing is properly displayed
Hello Erik,

You had a support case with, I believe, this very same error. We figured out it was due to a configuration error on your machine.

Is this the same? Is it something different?

Let us know if you need further assistance with this.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
We are facing a similar issue in our environment. When we log into the Service Center Console, we get the licensing error. If we check the Environment health, deployment controller shows down. Just refresh the page and deployment controller shows working and licence error goes.

Can you tell me what was the configuration error which fixed this issue. We are on Java stack, version

what are the configuration error could lead me to this error