A question about the calendar input widget. It's off !

A question about the calendar input widget. It's off !

Hi guys,

Can someone please point me in the right direction here.... my calendar weeknumbers are 1 off !

In my application I use the Input_Calendar widget from the RichWidgets list. I have set the option "ShowWeekNumbers" to "True" so the weeknumbers will show. There seems to be no other setting with regards to these weeknumbers.

When in week 40 the calendar widget says it's week 39. The weeknumber of wednessday 2 Oct 2013 according to the regular calendar should be 40, but the calendar widget says it's 39.
Does anyone have a clue how this can be, and how to correct this?

Thanks in advance for your help!
Dunno, seems to me it's a bug or at least not ISO compliant.

Maybe someone from OutSystems or -Support who can look into this?
Hi Marcel,

From I was able to see is that for some reason, the widget is assumes that the first week of the year is the 52 week from last year, that makes it off for one week, on other words a small bug.

Hello Tiago !

Thank you for reacting. Your explanation seems applicable.
A small bug, maybe, but it annoys the user hence needs attention.
Is there a bug report system for OutSystems that you know of, or how to report these bugs?
Sorry Marcel,

I only started to work with OS and posting recently, so i don't know how, and where, to report bugs.

Hi Tiago,

To submit bug reports in Service Studio go to Help > Send Feedback
This way you can even attach the eSpace you were working on, so that support is able to easily reproduce the bug.
Alternatively, you can also send an email to support@outsystems.com.
Hi Joao!
Thank you for making me aware of this option! In the meantime, I submitted the bug report per email instead.
Next time, I will use the "send feedback" option!
This has just been confirmed by O.S. as a bug and it is pushed forward to O.S.'s R&D department for fixing.