Advance sql query question 

What would be the correct way of updating a record by current date
UPDATE {UploadData}
SET [OrderLastUploadDate] = CURDATE()
WHERE [Id] = 4
Hi David,

I don't see why you'd need to use an advanced query for this... anyhow you'll have to use SQL Server or Oracle's (whatever you are using) own functions to get the current date, e.g. for SQLServer it would be getdate().

Andre is right... just use an Update Action.


For oracle you can use SYSDATE
Just for reference,

What André is implicitly sugesting is that you:
  1. Use a simple query to fetch the record from the database
  2. Use an assign to change the date of the record fetched and assign it with the CurrDate() built-in function
  3. Use the update built-in action to update the record you have just changed.
Since the OutSystems Platform gives you CRUD built-in actions for each Entity you create, you should avoid using Advanced Queries to perform this operations, unless you have a very good reason to do so (like performing operations in bulk).