How to auto-decide between a mobile and a web application e-space ??

How to auto-decide between a mobile and a web application e-space ??

On my previous platform, they had a component that you would place on the home page of your site, and that autodetected the user device connecting to your site, and based on that would link through automatically to either your mobile site or your standard web site. Just drag-and-drop, configure, ready to go.

How to do this in Outsystems?

Suppose you have an e-space for a standard web-application, and you want to develop a separate e-space for a mobile variety of it (reusing elements of the producer environment - the web application).
How to do it, so that the user visiting the URL gets auto-directed towards one of those e-spaces ?

Or, is this done in another, OutSystems specific, way?

I have found several interesting articles about reusing elements and developing mobile in 2 ways, but I was until now not able to find information about how to offer an auto-linking feature to the user.

Who can help and give me any information on how this is done?
Hi Marcel,

In the preparation of your homepage you can check out the RichWidget.IsMobileBrowser() action and redirect to the appropriate application there.

Tiago Simões
Thanks Tiago ! These are the type of hints that allows one to come closer, when knowing where to look!