Platform Server Serial Number changed for no reason!

Platform Server Serial Number changed for no reason!

I have been using Service Studio / Platform Server Version without issue for a week or so with an Enterprise 600 license generated for my serial number.

Then for some reason the serial number has changed and now i cannot work on my projects!  As far I am aware nothing has changed.  I have restarted my machine however this didn't cause problems in the past.

Does anyone know why this might have happened?
Hi James,

For this kind of issues please contact OutSystems Support directly.

Do you use a virtual machine and is your MAC address changed on your network card ?
That might be one of the reasons ...

I had the same issue and it was related to the LAN and WLAN connectors. When i was using the Wireless adapter i had a serial number. When i plugged the cable i had another. As Joop mentioned, the MAC address seems to change, and it's used by OutSystems to generate the Serial Number/Activation Code.