I'm trying to import an excel file with 3 columns, name of the column in excel and in the entity: item, date, qty(text,date,int)

it gives the error:
Excel read error in row 2: Column 'item' has an invalid type. Expected a 'Int32' but received a 'String'. 

How I am doing this is first with upload widget and a upload button. in the upload button's action: I have an excel  to recordlist widget then next is a foreach widget with a CreateProduct (this was drag and drop from the function in the entity) in a cycle(arrow goes both way) then foreach will point to End

in my Product entity, the column, item, it is set at text. so I am not sure why OS is saying Expects a Int32 when my column is declared as a text? and received as a text

Also I have 3 other uploads and using the exact method and they all worked, so I am kind of frustrated that it gives this error

if anyone know, that would be great thanks
Hi David,

In the ExcelToRecordList, what are you using in the Record Definition property? My guess is that you're using Product, and since it has an Id (primary key, integer), you get the mentioned error since this Id column is not in the excel file. In other words, your excel file has 3 columns while your entity has 4, if you include the Id (again, I'm guessing).

For adapting to the excel's format, create a structure with those 3 columns and use it in the ExcelToRL Record Definition. Then, in the ForEach loop, you'll have to copy those 3 attributes to a record of type Product (that you can then save into the DB).

If you want to see a sample, IntelliWarp can help you! :) Just create a test eSpace and follow the steps on this online help topic:
Creating Entities and Bootstrap Data from an Excel File