Merging espace for multiple developer

Merging espace for multiple developer

My project have 5 developer working it. We have alot of publish everyday for testing. We was able to merge some file but we got problem with merging some common file such as menu/masterpage which were changed by few developer. When using merge it alway be overwritten by the publish version instead of merge to current development version. 

any advice?


Hi Truong,

If you have 5 developers on the same project it means it must be something big, having said that and if you are all working on only one eSpace you are doing it wrong. :)
Try to split that big eSpace into smaller ones, isolating them by business area and referencing each other as the need arises.

I'd encourage you to see the links below: Best regards,
Hermínio Mira
That was what I thought when got problem. however, I think it is better if Service studio enhance it's merging tool.


One advise is to use more the private area for developer tests, this way you avoid always publishing and always merging with the current version, use F6 or go to Debug and hit Run and Debug in 'developer' private area.

The merging tool i also agree that need to be more "deeper" in the differences that can be merged, but if structure your application in several eSpaces it will more than enough.
One thing that you should not forget it's to refresh the eSpace consumers after publishing one that is producer.

Hi Truong,

Indeed the merge feature could be improved....

I would just like to share two ideas with you.

1. Reinforce the message from Hermínio Silva & Nuno Rolo
The OutSystems Platform is best suited for SOA architectures. By breaking up your application into services and consequently in more than one eSpace you can have your developers focusing in their specific tasks and spending less time in merging things, thus increasing the productivity of the development cycle. You can also use the Run feature to test your developments (in a private developer sandbox) without impacting the other developers. One thing to keep in mind with this feature is that if you make changes that have impact in the database or references of your module you will need to publish anyhow.

2. Using the Merge feature
The merge feature allows you to merge your work with another developer's work. It might become tricky to do this merge if you have 5 developers constantly changing the same eSpace, you'll end up spending a lot of time merging. Now, there's a level of granularity that the merge supports, i.e. if you have two developers changing the same user action you can't merge this work.

I hope this helps you.