Web Page Error Message

Web Page Error Message

Everything was working perfectly, and all of a sudden, when i publish my app and navigate to a given screen i get this message popup from the browser:

Calendar.setup: Nothing to set up (no fields found). Please check your code

Any idea?
Hi Ayoub,

Looking at the code from the calendar widget I would say it means that you have an Input_Calendar webblock that you are not filling the parameters correctly. At least the InputWidgetId parameter needs to be filled with a non-empty value.

João Rosado
Thank you for your prompt reply João !
I found the problem, I had put the InputWidget visible attribute on a runtime value that computed false so the page was loading with an Input_Calendar web block widget that had no corresponding InputWidget loaded on the page at runtime
I solved this by putting both inside a container and usind the container's visible attribute instead

Thank you again for the help, i hope my explanation is clear enough for anyone who falls in the same issue !