Hello people
I have problem to get values i need maybe image will explain  better

<a href='http://postimg.org/image/xnmkb6mnl/' target='_blank'><img src='http://s24.postimg.org/xnmkb6mnl/Untitled.jpg' border='0' alt="Untitled" /></a>

If I understood correctly, you have 2 combo boxes and the values that are displayed on the second one depend on the choice made on the first one.
You have two options here:
  1. Use Ifs in the UI and have multiple combo boxes, each one containing the values from a different Entity. When the user selects the value from the first combox, you refresh the interface, to display the correct combo box. Since you only have 3 options in the first combo box, it seems ok, but it does not scale. If you had 10 options in the first combo this would be a nightmare to maintain
  2. Dynamically create a list to populate the second combo box. This video about combo boxes tells you how to dynamically feed the combo.
Thanks for your reply