Redirects to External Address

Hello all,

If I access my application from outside the local network with a public address, when creating a new record the application redirects to the internal server address and gives page not found error.

Is there a configuration in OS to always go to the external address or do I have to make changes to IIS?
Hi Nelson,

Can you please explain a little better the problem you're facing?


I have a domain pointing to my OS server

I have a screen where I can create some records, when I try to create a new record, after saving, the application redirects to the internal server address http://servername/page.aspx but because I'm outside the local network I get the "page not found" error.

What I want to know is if there is some configuration "always go to the external domain address"'?
I can access all the menus, edit all the records, etc. but when I hit save , it always goes to the internal address 
How is that you're redirecting the user? (e.g. building the url, etc)
Destination widget.

Must I use a External Site widget?
Uhm... you're doing it right...

Try to check if you any proxy in the way changing the URL. To do that check the IIS logs.

Let me know if you were able to solve it.