GetRequest_Submit connects to https instead of http

GetRequest_Submit connects to https instead of http


our application uses a http-call to rest-api's using the GetRequest_Submit action.
When I access our application using http://MyApplication, then the action with http://externalRestApi works fine.
But when I acces our application using https://MyApplication, the application itself works well, but the GetRequest_Submit changes the http://externalRestApi call to https://externalRestApi which isn't available.
Why does it change the (hardcoded) http to https? And how can I prevent this?

Hello Hans,

Indeed GetRequest_Submit action from HTTPRequest handler will make sure that the request to the external server is secure if called from a secure link.

HTTPRequestHandler is used internally by the OutSystems Platform and may have some behaviors which are not the ones you'd expect from a public API.

I suggest you take a look at the ardoHTTP extension which allows you to place HTTP requests in a more controlled and deterministic manner.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
tnx! it works!