Access pages without specifiying .jsf extension

Access pages without specifiying .jsf extension


I have a project with few pages and i want to be able to access it without giving the file extensions like it happens with the default entry point.

i want to achieve this..   -- redirect to module1_page.jsf   -- redirect to module2_page.jsf   -- redirect to module3_page.jsf

Is there anyway to achieve this ?  I am running on Platform (J2EE).  


You need to create the other entry points and define that redirect, despite only one can be the default all the others will work as well.

Thanks NRolo, Tried that, but even with that i need to specify the .jsf extension for the entry point...

i added a new entry point "module1" pointing to "module1_page.jsf". On the browser, i have to enter  I want to make it work with just /module1.

Any suggestions ?
Hi Lokendar,

I think that you have to implement those rules on a jboss level, since the SEO URLS are still not available in the JAVA version of the platform.


My bad Lokendar, even with the entry point you need to put the extension.
In  that case it's Rúben's answer the one you have to follow.