The IP rights of my applications could not be granted!

The IP rights of my applications could not be granted!

Hello Sir/Madam
I would like to ask if you can grant an access to our project because the IP rights of our application could not be granted.
My outsystems service studio crashed, other extensions and rich widgets were gone. 
I tried to publish it but my System Units is only limited to 30,000 because i am just using Community Edition.
I reinstalled my outsystems service studio and when i publish my project there is an issue regarding the intellectual property.
Thank you.
David Carl
Hi David,

Try using this tool:

See if that does the job for you. Otherwise someone else might be able to help.

Hi Richard,

I already tried to upload my espace there. And i receive this email from outsystems team.

The IP rights of your applications could not be granted!

The Intellectual Property rights of the applications you requested could not be granted because the destination Activation Code you indicated is associated with a Community Edition Infrastructure.

An alternative for accessing these applications from a Community Edition Infrastucture is to publish them in the Forge under an open source license (possible if you are the owner of the applications' Intellectual Property).

For any additional information, please contact us at

David Carl