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Hi all,

I use TextToBinaryData conversion for a JSON call ...
The input text is complete, the output however is truncated ...
Any idea why or how I can solve this ?

A quick google got me this answer  

"...Serializers (readers/writer) on the other hand usually have limits. For example Anthony F has experienced a hard limit of 8K Microsoft's DataContractJsonSerializer." 

Does anybody know the technique behind the TextToBinary in v8 ??
And does this function breaks down on 8K ... ?

I've got 6696 characters in my JSON output. Here's the codeblock. Before TextToBinary all is well and everything is in the string, after the download, it's truncated to the 6696 chars.
I've set the output of the Download object to mime-type 

Hi Joop,

Did you try to use the inverse function (BinaryToText) to check if the data is really being lost at that point? There shouldn't be any limitation on the binary content size.

By the way, on what stack are you experimenting this behavior? (java/.net)

João Rosado
In fact I did, and the problem did not seem to be there ... I upgraded from v7 to v8.
Forgot to upgrade system components... no the txt2bin and download works fine ... only struggling to get the AJAX/JSON call to work ... using jsonp but doesn't seem to get it working properly 
Hi all,

The function calls your download function, what is the method that you have configured? AJAX?

Check my post: http://www.outsystems.com/forums/discussion/6649/download-file-problem/

Best regards,
Sérgio ;)

The problem was in the layout of the JSON string ... :-(
No real nice error messages, just nothing happening.
Will post the component asap in the Forge ...

Fixed it now, so all's well now :-)

I Configured the txt2Bin with "UTF-8" conversion and the download as "application/json"
Hi Joop,

What do you mean by "The problem was in the layout of the JSON string"?
(Just out of curiosity so other users with the same type of problem don't get stuck as well)

João Rosado

It was a call for the FullCalendar component I posted.

It was hard to find the right specs of the JSON string ... it should look like this:
[{"id":"1278","title":"Joost van Zoelen Vervolgconsult","start":"2013-10-15T11:00:00","end":"2013-10-15T11:30:00","allDay":false,"backgroundColor":"#DFF0D8","borderColor":"#3a87ad","textColor":"#3a87ad"},{"id":"1279","title":"Joëlle Olijhoeck Vervolgconsult","start":"2013-10-15T17:00:00","end":"2013-10-15T17:30:00","allDay":false,"backgroundColor":"#DFF0D8","borderColor":"#3a87ad","textColor":"#3a87ad"}]

I forgot the have the double quotes around the element names ... :-)
The FullCalendar just told me "error retrieving events" nothing more than that, while the JSON page returns normal stuff, after I found the specs on StackOverflow I was able to get it running. See the Forge for the result ...
@Joop, JSONLint is a great help on these cases. :)