"Is Search parameter" for Advance Query


Is there anyway to make parameter in Advance query to "Is Search Parameter" like the option in Simple query?

Hi Truong,

No, the only option available in advanced queries is Expand Inline, that allows you to inject sql.
To make a search parameter, you have to do something like this:

Select * 
Where (@search = '' or {ENTITY}.[Attribute] = @search)
uuuhmm. It works. Thanks


Just 2 notes there,
  1. Should be "Select {ENTITY}.* " to let the platform do the attributes expansion
  2. The '' string won't work correctly in Oracle because '' is the same as NULL in Oracle. Meaning the condition will always be false regardless of the rest (even if the right side of the OR is true, the condition will return false because = NULL comparations are undefined). A way of overcomming that problem is to use another input parameter like this:
Select {ENTITY}.
Where (@search = @emptyString or {ENTITY}.[Attribute] = @search)
Well noted João, thanks!
How about using the following:

Select {ENTITY}.* 
Where (@searchis NULL OR @search= ' ' OR @search= '' OR {ENTITY}.[Attribute] = @search)

This should also work out, right?