Ipad (Safari) Input - Select Input Value

Ipad (Safari) Input - Select Input Value


Been studying OS with Ipads and have a question relating to input's and selecting an input fields existing value during the preparation but cannot figure out how to do it.

What I want to do is when the screen loads my nominated field's value is selected (like doing CTRL-A in an input box) so that the user can type a new value in overwriting the existing value without the need to select the value first.

I am using the "Web Application" framework not the "Mobile Application" framework.

Also it seems Safari on the iPad's also ignore the RichWidgets\Input_SetFocus?

Thanking you in advance.

Cheers, Mark
Hi Mark,

By (Apple's) design onfocus event doesn't work onload. Check out this thread http://stackoverflow.com/questions/5118885/setfocus-does-not-work-on-ipad.

Edit: There seems to be a workaround though: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/18728166/programatically-focus-on-next-input-field-in-mobile-safari