Outsystems email functionality

Outsystems email functionality


Hi All,

I have created a Contact Us web-block in my espace which is similar to Outsystems.com "Contact Us" popup editor with serveral input fields(first name,lastname,commnets, email etc.).I have placed the webblock in newly created Contact Us webscreen.When user clicks the Submit button,the user data should be sent to a support email(abc@xyz.com) . After sending an email,user should be presented with a acknowledgment message on the same pop up editor(similar to outsystem.com contact us).How to implement email functionality in outsystems?.All the necessay SMTP configuarion is already done.


Hi Prashanth,

Some quick troubleshooting questions:

1. Have you tested to see if your email is going through?
If they aren't, have you checked the email logs in Service Center under the monitoring tab? This can tell you of the status of emails being sent via the Platform.
Also, double check to make sure your emails aren't being routed to a Test List (Svc Ctr / Administration / email)

Prashanth -

The tutorials/documentation will tell you how to send an email.

To show the thank you message, at the end of the Action in the popup that is sending the email, instead of going to an "End", go to a "Thank You" screen which also uses the layout for the popups that your "Contact Us" page uses.