Hello everyone,

The OnChange of a combobox is not executed on an iPad. Some Ajax Submit buttons are not having the expected result. It works just fine on desktop with either IE8, Chrome or Safari.
Can someone help us to understand this?
Thank you for your help.
Hi Tomás,

What is the version that you're using (safari & ipad)?
Have you tried with other devices (android tablet, iphone, etc)?
Additionally, does it happen in every situation? Have you tried to have a simple page with an ajax button that display a FeedbackMessage (simplifying the problem)?


Hi Ruben,

sorry for the delay but we have been under heavy fire with demo's and stuff. Answering your questions:

- we are using iPad;
- we have tried only with iPhone also, and we aren't able to try with android due to our company restrictions;
- we are using iOS7.0.2;
- to simplify this issue we are trying to reproduce the error on a dummie e-space (I'll upload it as soon as possible and I'll give you feedback soon)

Thanks for your help.
Hi Tomás,

No worries.
You tried in iPhone, and did it work?
Have you been able to replicate in a simple page?



it didn't work on iPhone either. We are finding it hard to duplicate the error on a simple page... It's getting anoying so to speak... :)


This means that probably you have a script (or something else) somewhere messing up the onchange of the buttons.
My suggestion is the following:
  1. Duplicate the screen with the problem
  2. Confirm that the problem still happens in the screen (it should!)
  3. Start removing scripts/logic from the duplicate screen
  4. Test between each removal
This will help you to identify what is causing the issue.
Hope this helps!

Let us know the outcome.


We'll do!

Thank you very much!

Hi Tomás,

You can perform remote debugging of a user's interaction with WebKit-based browsers (Safari, Chrome) using an open source tool called weinre.
This will enable tracking any javascript errors that might be happening and even interact with the remote browser (run javascript, change css styles on-the-fly, inspect local storage, see resource loading, etc).

Here's a good getting started guide:

Happy weinering!