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Hello everyone , good night .

We have a software company and has already started a few months to work on our ERP conversion is done in Visual Dataflex for C # Windows Forms . However , we realize that the conversion process is very slow , which is why we decided to look for tools that increase our productivity , quality and safety . In our research we found the product OutSystems . We perform the download version and CE are doing online training . We already know that the CE version does not meet our project , we will have to purchase the Enterprise version . So , before we make a decision , we would like to hear from anyone who already uses OS is small or large projects .

Here some information about our ERP :

- It has about 300 tables ;
- A 250 screens ( maintenance screens / data processing and queries ) . Some data maintenance screens are very complex , therefore, has several validations ;
- Some 150 reports

Any opinion will be of great importance to strengthen our belief .

Already we appreciate all who contribute their opinions .
Hi João,

Did anyone reply [offline] to your question?
I forwarded your question around the office and just wanted to make sure you weren't left hanging. :)

Hi Davide,

Still not getting any answers to the questions in this post.
Thanks for asking.
Joao -

If the question is, "can we do this with OutSystems?" the answer is "yes", it will perform as well as an equivalent Java or .NET application running on top of Oracle or SQL Server, and will be easier to maintain and develop than either one.

Hi Justin,

Thank you for responding.

In fact, I believe that my doubts are related to lack of knowledge of OS platform. For example, have attached some screens of our ERP, which are complex, because in addition to having many fields there are several validations.

I thank everyone who can help us with your experiences.

Cadastro de ClientesCadastro de ProdutosManutenção de Vendas

Joao -

You can do any kind of validation you need to.

We have taken OutSystems Platform and done some very advanced integrations with ERPs before (such as Infor/Lawson M3), for example. Our showcase application (Wodify) is currently handling more than 50,000 users across 500+ tenants on IIS/.NET + SQL Server, and contains some very complex functionality like social networking similar to Facebook (we are now processing over 10,000 "likes" and comments per day) and substantial use of jQuery.

I think that if you wanted to build an ERP on top of OutSystems Platform, it would be an excellent choice. I recommend you look at the BPT stuff, as that is a huge help for those enterprise systems.

Hi Justin,

Again, thank you for sharing your experiences with us. Your comments will be of great value to form our conviction.