I need to show Tab Wrapper on the tablet, but it Is showED in PC only.
I tested in browser Chrome on the tablet and PC.
print screen TABLET

Hi Marcos.
I just tested that on my iPad2 (iOS7) and the tabs work fine. (Outsystems 6.x)
Works fine on my Android phone too. (Android 4.3, Jelly Bean)

What tablet are you using, and what platform version? :)

ANDROID: 4.0.3
What Outsystems Platform version?
I don't have the Android SDK here, I may test this later once I get it installed again.

Did you test this on any other device?

Platform version: 8.x
I can't test in 8.x, don't have one of those. Try some other device and see if the problem persists.

I don't know if the code for those changed from 6.x to 8.x, but if it didn't, I believe there might be something in your code causing that. (Since I had no problem with 2 mobile devices)

I did test on PC, TABLET SANSUNG, celular phone Nokia, IPAD 2 (IOS: 7.0.2).
The Tab Wrapper is show on PC only
Hi Marcos,

Thank you for sharing this odd behavior with us.

I honestly don't know what may be causing this nor have much practice with tablets, but let me provide you some clues to get started with:
  1. Have you tried installing another browser in your Samsung Tablet? Does it behave the same way?
  2. Have you noticed any javascript bugs in your tablet default browser? Following these instructions - http://stackoverflow.com/questions/17443691/can-one-debug-javascript-on-a-samsung-tablets-native-browser - you may get some clues...
  3. Have you tried to isolate the tabs rendering in an empty page? Try to render the tabs in a separate screen and open it with your tablet again. Maybe it's your previous page code messing with the tabs rendering script...
Please let me know if any of these have worked for you.

Kind regards!
Thanks, Pedro!
Best regards.