Checkbox-To-See Fields and Mandatory Validation

Checkbox-To-See Fields and Mandatory Validation

I've got a couple of input fields that are conditional based on a checkbox. The fields are inside If blocks based on the value of the checkbox, and the Mandatory field is based on the same thing. Every time the Checkbox is modified, and the other fields are cleared, the section is Ajax refreshed.

This works great for the fields' visibility, but the Mandatory setting triggers validation while they're not visible, if the form originally loaded with them visible.

The result is that it's impossible to clear the checkbox and save.

Hi Mickey,

You may use an If web block instead of changing the visibility property of the field that is mandatory.
I think by doing so, that field will not be rendered in the page unlike when it is not visible but still has the mandatory property to be true.

Mark Chua
Thanks Mark,

They're in If widgets, which are supposed to be conditionally rendered, not merely visible/not visible. Maybe if I make it render them not-visible instead, it'll update the mandatory field value. Worth trying, I suppose.

 - Mickey