Best way to deploy an extension's resources?

Best way to deploy an extension's resources?

In my application I need to use an extensive javascript library. After looking around the forums, i read a post that said that the best way to deploy a large amount of related resources would be including these resources as a zipped file on an extension, and unzipping them into the application's directory through a bootstrap.

Looking around the plaform server's folders, i found that including a file on the \shared\<APPNAME>\full folder allows the file to be redeployed whenever the application is published. This poses a problem: if I were to use an extension action to include the files to that folder, I'd have to republish the application again.
I have also thought about including the file to the running folder as an addition to the shared folder, however I haven't found a way to pinpoint the running folder, since the running folder contains some sort of timestamp on it.

How can i properly include the files on my application, without needing to add them one-by-one on the service studio?
Messing around with the Integration Studio, i noticed i can configure the deployment location of a resource to be the application directory of an application that references the extension, but i can't seem to be able to deploy the file into a specific folder in the directory, or deploy a directory itself unto the application directory (only it's files are copied). How can I change this?
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Doing it through the Resources of an Extension is definitely not the right way to do it. I do not know what the best way to do it is, but that definitely seems to be the wrong way.