create database connection to an external SQL server in the outsystems java stack


I want to create a database connection in my outsystems oracle java stack to an external sql-server. In service studio I only can create a oracle dbms dB connection.
Does anyone knows how I can create it? E.g. do I need to install een java-sql-server driver, or extension. Or should I use Soap to interact with the other database? 

Hello Hans,

This feature is not on our short-term roadmap, but it is on our long-term roadmap without a set date for delivery yet.

You have a support case with this question and I have made a couple more questions regarding your specific scenario to help us prioritize this issue in our backlog.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Are there any updates on this one?

As of version 9 of the OutSystems Platform it's possible to create a database connection to SQL Server in the Java stack.

In fact, the database connection capabilities of the OutSystems Platform are identical in both stacks, meaning you can connect to:

- Oracle
- SQL Server
- DB2

using both Java and .NET.

Best regards,
Ricardo Silva
Thanks a lot!