Id of input box text

I'm looking for ways to integrate more with javascript still do not understand how I can get the ID of a text box to deal with it in javascript ...
Paulo -

Make sure that you give the input box a name property, then you can refer to it by name to access the Id property in an Expression. Since this is a runtime property, you can't use it in JavaScript at the page/Web Block level, only in Actions and Expressions on the page or block.


you can always have an element with a class name, and find that element by class name with jQuery.

It is not 100% secure, cause you have to make sure that you don't use that class twice in a page. 

As Justin said, the best way would be to use the runtime id of the element to refer to id. also remember to name the element that you wish to reference, or it will not show up in the widgets...

If I need to have jQuery in a page refer to an object in a WebBlock, I will use an attribute selector, not a class name selector, because otherwise I would need to use NotifyWidget to provide the Widget's ID to the page, which is a performance drag to the end user.

To add the attribute to the Widget, use its "Extended Properties", they become attributes at run time.