OutSystems Software being reported as malicious by Chrome  - False Positive

OutSystems Software being reported as malicious by Chrome  - False Positive

Hello all,

some of you have reported to us that Google Chrome is tagging  Service Studio and Platform Server as possibly malicious software. 

First of all, thank you for bringing this to our attention.

We have been in contact with Google and this has been confirmed as a false positive. They have confirmed that a soon to come release of Google Chrome will resolve this issue.

Although they were not able to tell us exactly what version will resolve this, their timeline states that this should happen before the end of the year.

João Atalaia

This is currently happening again...

Both Platform Server and Service Studio 8 are being marked as malicious.

Best regards,
Didn't SmartScreen in IE/Windows 8 used to to this too?

IIRC it was because the installers weren't signed with a valid certificate.
Hi Pedro,

Thanks for reporting, we will check it out.

@Carlos, the installers are correctly signed. The detection is based on machine learning on the google side...and it just doesn't work as it should.

João Rosado
Hi all,

If you are facing this issue you might want to know that you can always
  1. In Google Chrome go to Downloads (Ctrl+J)
  2. Click Recover malicious file
  3. Click Hurt me plenty (no joking)

Tiago Simões
The issue should not be gone! Let the download frenzy begin! :)

EDIT: the issue should now be gone!
Hi again,

We just discovered that the solution we rolled out to prevent the malicious software warning on Chrome (serving files directly from our S3 bucket) was blocking the download of any Forge components over HTTPS.

We have just rolled back that solution and the Forge downloads are up again (unfortunately so is the Chrome warning). Updates soon enough!