Webinar on October 29, 2013

I enjoyed yesterdays webinar but since the challenge was to create an application in 20 minutes it was very fast.  Also, I had a sound issue on my end that made it difficult to hear.  It was mentioned at the beginning that it would be recorded and made available somewhere.  Anyone know how long that might take and/or where we can find it?  Thanks!
Hello Curt!
There will be a second run of this webinar on November 6, same time. And the recording will be available one, or two days after that! You should also get an email reminder with the link to the recording.

Thank you!

It's been almost two weeks and I've gotten nothing about where this webinar is posted.  Anyone know?  Thanks!
Hi Curt,

Thank you very much for joining our webinar. We are glad that you enjoyed it. The recording is now available on http://www.outsystems.com/company/events/web/the-fastest-developer/  Hope you find it useful! 

Very useful - thank you very much.