CK Editor issue.

CK Editor issue.


Whenever I create a project in my application, I need to add some XYZ functionality to my project. It involves CK Editor. But, when I do so, it is throwing the following error -

An exception occurred in the client script.
Error: CKEDITOR is not defined

Any hints?

Nikhil Shravage.
Will CLeditor work for you?
Hi Charles,

I would like to stick to CK Editor. It is a Client requirement.

Nikhil Shravage.

Is that the only error being thrown?
Because previous/other errors might halt JS execution, and therefore, the cast of the CKEDITOR object.
Yes, it is the only error that is thrown. And instead of CKEditor, a text area appaers.
Seems the CKEditor library is failing to load for some reason.
Is there any other JS component that you might be using in that same page?
Or is it happening in every page, even a blank page with just a CK Editor in it?

Did you actually put the CKEditor component on your page?