We have an default OutSystem Plataform (.NET) installed on a virtual machine that has:

VM Version: 8
Memory: 8192 MB
Manufacturer: HP
Model: ProLiant DL385 G7

CPU Cores: 8 CPUs x 2,4 GHz
Processos Type: AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 6136
VMware vSprhere 5 Enterprise

And we're facing a problem with the "publishes". It tooks more than one minute to publish an eSpace with 360415 su's. When we monitor, we found that even with nearly 5 GB of free memory, the processes CompileService.exe DeployService.exe are using written to disk, causing Page Faults. Is there a fine tunning for virtual environments? What's the best way to work with the OutSystems Plataform.
Rogerio -

That is actually a pretty fast compilation for a project that big. 360,000 SUs is going to produce a few MB of compiled code and involve hundreds of thousands of lines of code under the hood.

That said, 300,000 SUs in one eSpace tells me that you probably need to split some things up. We have a 400,000 SU project, and it is split across quite a few eSpaces, which cuts compile time quite a bit (though we need to merge more and republish consumers more).

Thank you for you answer, Justin. But what´s perturbing me is the fact that the processes in the machine is using I/O disk for memory even when there is a lot more to allocate.
Rogerio -

As long as you have followed the installation instructions, including the virtual memory configuration and such to the letter, your machine is correctly configured. Whether or not the compiler or deployment service uses swap file or physical RAM... that is pretty much outside of your control. :(

Justin, I posted the wrong number of su´s. That was the total of my plataform. My eSpace is using 92262 su´s.
We´re preparing a physical machine to compare the performance.