Connecting to external oracle DB

Connecting to external oracle DB

Hi All,

Having trouble getting a connection to an external oracle DB. I follow the guide but i fail at the first hurdle in service center. I get the following error when trying to test the connection string. But my tnsnames.ora file has the service name specified.

Connection String test failed: ORA-12504: TNS:listener was not given the SERVICE_NAME in CONNECT_DATA

But my tnsnames.ora file has the service name specified. I can tnsping and connect via sqlplus. It seems to be isolated to service center? Any ideas?



Hi Gareth

OutSystems Platform connects to an external Oracle database using the same mechanism it uses to connect to its native Oracle when it is configured for Oracle. If that is the case please make sure you configured the correct TNSNames in your system (e.g. 64-bits version of tnsnames vs 32-bits version).

If your environment is configured for SQL Server though you may be missing the step to setup Oracle Client Tools, or something might be done incorrectly.
I suggest you double-check the steps in the installation checklist ( by selecting the below profile:

The steps will be found below:


Hi Acácio,

Thanks very much for the reply. I am using the community addition so i have SQL Server setup at the moment. I did download some oracle client tools but i haven't gone through the above checklist. I definitely have the service name in the tnsnames.ora file so it must be some configuraiton issues somewhere. i will follow the above guide and let you know the outcome. 

Many thanks again,

Hi Again,

No luck i'm afraid. Still complains about listener not being given the Service_Name in Connect_Data