Installation Issues

Installation Issues

I'm not sure if this is the right forum. If not please direct me to the corect one. I downloaded and installed the Community Edition on my laptop. I registered and all was well. The, I got a new laptop and downloaded and installed on the new one.  I am able to watch the videos on the Academy. However, when I opened the Service Center, I got several licensing errors. I removed OS and reinstalled. Then got an error saying the installation is incomplete. I again removed OS and downloaded the community edition again. This time, the download automatically went into the installation so it was installing as it was downloading. Looking at what's installed, it looks as if all is there. However, when Opening the Service Center or Service Center 8.0, the licensing errors come up. Also, the local host may not be installed correctly because it pops up another error saying it cannot connetct to the local host.

Any suggestions? What should I do to ge the OS Community Edition installed properly? I have a Dell E6410 with Win7 Ultimate.

Thanks much,


Hi Ken,

You should check if all the OutSystems services are started:

If everything looks ok, then check if there isn't a firewall blocking the requests to the services.
If not, try starting them and check event viewer for errors if they don't stay up.

João Rosado
Hi Joao,

How do I get to the screen you show? I tried opening Services but got a configuration error. See attached
Hi Ken,

When you downloaded the files on your new laptop - did you install using the one file or did you install the platform server, integration studio and then service studio seperate?

Have you also run the Configuration tool from the Outsystems menu? run it click Create/Upgrade DataBase then click exit then click yes to Service Center installation. When that finishes then use the "start sevices" from outsystems menu and see if that helps.

Good luck
The problem is resolved. This is what I did.
1. Uninstalled OutSystems
2. Uninstalled Google Chrome
3. Reinstalled OutSystems
Everything went smoothly. Google Chrome is the incompatible culprit.

That surprises me but happy it's working for you now!